Content Consultancy

You may have a lot of questions about making a website, about whether what you want to do is possible, the advantages and disadvantages, and how much it’s likely to cost. You may also wonder about things like : What exactly is a blog ? What’s RSS ? Do I have to have a sidebar ? Do we really need a newsletter ? All your questions we will strive to answer.

We’ll also have a lot of questions for you such as who’ll be updating the site ? Who’s intended to visit the site ? What kind of interactivity is required ? What kind of images do you want ? Whether you already have a basic design in mind or are looking for ideas ? What computer experience does your team have ? How do you see your site evolving over time ?

We’ll also explain a bit about the web, such as the difference between how people read web and print, when short and long texts should be used, what styles are usually best for what contexts, what determines the speed of a website and how fast should it be anyway, and anything which seems relevant to your project... In brief, everything that can help you understand the web and make use of it.

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