Content Storyboard

The next step is to create a storyboard. It represents all the content and how it fits together in visual form on every page of your future site. It is not yet the design, though many design ideas naturally spring from the storyboard. The storyboard is usually a cooperative effort, and may have several drafts based on comments and discussion before the final version.

The storyboard will tell us how many pages and levels there will be. The top level are the most important pages, easiest to access, and each subsequent level is less important and so less easy to access (requiring multiple clicks, scrolling down, or have links simply harder to see).

The storyboard will show how the content links together and what text is “hot” (liable to change) and “cold” (should stay the same for a long period). A web site being far more supple than a book we can also include in our storyboard all the content that will appear in the future.

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