Web design

With the storyboard in hand, the needed templates can be sketched.

A simple website may only have one template, whereas a complex website may have one for each section or, in the extreme, one for each page. Typically, one template is required for the home page, one for the top level pages, one for “normal pages”, and further templates for pages exceptional in some way, such as a portfolio, or simply for style.

The home page is of course the most important and difficult to determine. It could be a top level page, a collage of information from all over the site, or simply an image with a few links to top level sections or different languages. Luckily with a CMS, the home page, as with all the templates, can constantly evolve or even radically change easilly.

The design will usually require some graphics to accomplish. Graphics are simply images, which can be derived from photo’s, drawings, created on computer or some combination.

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