SiSustainable has recently launched into producing small content films for our own projects, such as to talk about our work on Solar Fire.

Though we are not expert film directors of editors, having no formal training of any kind, we have gone head first into this communication based on the strength of Open Source software.

To go from one format, frame rate, codec, etc. to another we use FFMPEG, which is a powerful Open Source transcoding tool that supports essentially everything. FFMPEG is so useful that many proprietor software companies repackage it and [sell it in closed source].->]

For editing we use Cinelerra which is a sophisticated Open Source non-linear editor that supports frame by frame editing high definition editing, infinite tracks, 6 sound channels, OpenGL and many video-audio effects.

So, before spending large sums for film editing solutions, feel free to inquire whether your project can’t be easily supported with Open Source tools that we can implement or that you can easily learn with a bit of support, from us or elsewhere in the Open Source community.