We are based entirely in Linux. Linux has extremely high security capability, absolutely essential for web development.

The security question itself resolves the matter, but there are other advantages since most servers on the web are based in either Linux or the Unix family (which Linux is a part), for security and speed reasons. So, being based in Linux allows the easiest communication with servers, and is the easiest way to install the same server software locally. Having a server installed locally allows the quickest development, since files don’t have to be uploaded to anywhere to see if they work.

Within Linux we develop on a LAMP (Linux Apache2 MySQL PHP) server, which represents the vast majority of servers. This allows us to experiment quickly with any CMS, and to develop first locally which allows us to see changes in real time, increasing speed considerably. We can also fully test any changes before uploading to the server, and the code going public.

To communicate with a server we use Rsync over SSH. Rsync is a file transfer utility that only transfers the differences in the files that are different. For instance, regardless of how many files there are, if only one line on one file has been changed, only that line will be uploaded to the server. SSH, Secure Shell, is a way of communicating between computers using strong encryption, either to control one computer from another or to transfer files, and is the security standard for web development.

For image editing we use the Gnu Image Manipulation Program and ImageMagick.

We generate code by writing text, so we use a variety of text and code programs for different tasks, but mostly Bluefish, Gedit and Kate.

We love Firefox but all our websites are also tested in Internet Explorer installed in Wine (which simulates Windows on a non-Windows computer). However, though this is more secure than using Windows software on Windows, it is not perfectly secure so a non-sensitive computer is used for this task.

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