SiSustainable can offer at distance or on-location support.

This training can range from constructing existing machines to a complete technology transfer including the mathematics involved in redesigning the Prometheus type solar concentrator.

Concentrator Design

Each intended use of a solar concentrator can require small or large modifications to a basic design in order to supply the power and render it easy to use for the task in question.

SiSustainable can design, autonomously or in partnership, plans for new Solar Fire Concentrators, at new scales and for new purposes.

Application Design

Without an application to place in the focal point of a solar concentrator, it’s just a really shiny and beautiful piece of artwork. Applications are required to make use of this energy.

SiSustainable can realize, autonomously or in partnership, plans for new applications and/or adapting applications to the Prometheus geometry.

Document writing

Whatever your business or organization, if you are launching a solar activity you may require well written documents.

SiSustainable can assist in writing your investment or sales pitches, grant applications, website material etc.


We develop the core solar technology in Open Source.
By this we mean the part of the technology required for applications relating to sustenance and basic energy access. This technology is already in the public domain.

We realize that complex development and applications may not be possible to develop in Open Source. We respect the confidentiality of our partners.

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