Web Base

What we call a web base is a CMS, such as Spip, with a basic graphic design and navigation.

Since all contributors can directly add and edit their own content, the web base can be kept up to date and easily grow indefinitely, in terms written content.

A web base allows a web presence in the short term and the entire web creation to be accomplished in steps with intermittent phases of refinement.

However, from this basis more can be added.

For instance, the graphic design of a website can often be the most costly and delicate. So it can be a good idea to have the graphic design done by a graphics artist you appreciate, or even use your own photos and drawings. In both cases the work can be easily integrated into the web base.

Likewise, for the creation of custom made Javascript, Flash, php or other code for making animations or special web applications, these components can be realised by a specialist in the area and then the work can integrated into the web base.

For instance, SiSustainable is specialized in Spip and designing coherent web bases, and it’s not necessary we take care of everything. For special problems, a specialist working on that specific problem is usually the surest way to go.

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