What is DNS ?

The DNS (Domain Name Service) is the phone book of the Internet, turning names into numbers, only the names are websites, the numbers are Internet Protocol Addresses of computers (IP address), and the whole thing is automatic.

The name of your website is called the Domain Name, which is registered in the Domain Name Service, and in this service your Domain Name points at the server of your webmaster.

What does it mean ?

What’s important is that DNS is independent from the computer (usually a server) it points at, and so you can change the IP of your wevsite to point at any other server at any time. What this means is that if you control the DNS of your website you remain independent.

If something unexpected goes wrong anywhere, you can immediately take your website off-line (point it at no server at all), then recreate your website on another server, and put it back on-line.

Since we’ll supply you with regular backups of the content and design of your site, it is only a few steps for you or any webmaster to recreate it anywhere else.

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