Why Spip ?

Designing in any CMS ultimately relies entirely on not the CMS but html, CSS, Java, and Flash, since those are the codes a web browser will read. A CMS doesn’t generate some sort of special CMS code as far as visitors are concerned. All a CMS allows is to inject content into an html, CSS, Java, or Flash template from online with relative ease, and without understand html, CSS, Java or Flash, which is the webmasters job.

CMS’s differ in how easy it is to write these templates. In a special purpose CMS the template is usually mixed up with the rest of the system, so changing it is incredibly difficult. In a general purpose CMS the template is more accessible.

Spip in our opinion is the most logical way to make template writing accessible. All Spip does is provide a space for as many templates as you want in your website, and a short hand to ask the database for content. The content can be displayed anywhere, in any order, any style, and in as many places as desired.

Any uncommon task can simply be accomplished in php, the code Spip is written in, as well as most other CMS’s. The idea of Spip is to provide a simple elegant base ; additions are only made when necessary on a case by case basis (with an already existing plugin or written in php, java, etc.). This accelerates the web creation process, accelerates the server, and reduces the likeliness of any bugs, conflicting plugins, etc.

The simplicity and power of Spip is ultimately represented in our prices for web development. So feel free to ask for an estimate.

Read the technical reasons we use Spip.

In essence, since any design is achievable in Spip, and Spip is light and fast and easy to use, we specialize in Spip to lower our operating costs.

The reason Spip is less known in the English world is because it is written in French, and the most complete documentation is also in French. Since we are bi-lingual we can benefit from all the French and English documentation.

We can also support other English webmasters in learning Spip and finding solutions.